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The Neighborhood Book Club is a chance to engage young women in new ideas, book chatter, and provoke imagination and creativity, all within a friendly tea and snack party.

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cozy up
sip tea
nibble snacks
meet friends
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The Neighborhood Book Club is a place to engage young women with new ideas, book chatter, and imagination, all within a friendly tea party.

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“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

― C.S. Lewis

The process I have used over the years has developed organically. You may develop a different process that works just as well. Go for it but until then this website is a good starting place.

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Club Preparation

Attendance is essential, but so are a few other things you should consider. Our structured format will help you get started.

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Little to No Expenses

This project costs a little money, but only a little. If you plan ahead, you can keep all expenses to a minimum.

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Meeting Days

In initial stages, a book club may often experience a few hiccups, but do not be discouraged. Like any worthy venture, your group will settle into a productive routine once they know what to expect/

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a 'how to' in creating your own

Our comprehensive "how to" is designed to help you launch your very own chapter of The Neighborhood Book Club.

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Procuring books and providing the right atmosphere can be challenging at first, but once your process is in place, it will all seem easy.

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humble beginnings

Donna Gay Anderson, a playwright and former English teacher, has been facilitating tea party book clubs for girls for over 7 years. Discover more about my girl's club, and how it has evolved into a community of friends who share a love of books.

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from here to there and back again

Please use my experiences to establish your own club, and let me know how it is going. Feel free to contact me with questions, ideas, observations and concerns. I want to help you make a success of your book club. Also, I can learn from you.

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